DiCapo Cookies

DiCapo Cookies
DiCapo’s Authentic Italian Cookies...

are baked fresh daily and made from recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

The tradition of baking wonderful cookies for holidays and special events are shared by Italians and bring families together to symbolize the spirit of the occasion.

The history of these fantastic cookies can be traced to the Old World using many traditional ingredients such as cinnamon, nuts, dried fruits and cloves.

The art of making Italian cookies is using fresh, simple ingredients and transforming them into great tasting treats.

Bakers learned to lighten and enrich pastry mixtures with eggs, butter, and cream; then they would sweeten them with fruit and/or sugar.

DiCapo Foods has used these recipes for over 20 years to make fantastic Italian cookies that are sure to satisfy your family and friends demand for Authentic Italian Cookies their mother, father or grandmother (Nani) used to make when they we’re growing up.

With so many flavors, shapes and colors available, a tray of DiCapo’s Authentic Italian Cookies will impress everyone!

They are great for Christmas cookies, weddings and parties or to just give as personal and corporate gifts.

When you really want to show someone you care send them a nice tray of authentic DiCapo’s cookies and share the love